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AutoBackup Module, VAT Register, Anusuchi 13, Party Balance Confirmation, Delete Empty Masters, CEO Dash Board, Ref. No. in Ledger Vouchers, Sales Purchase & Journal Register, Daybook Cash & Bank total, Address Book & Dues, Explode all or Condense all in TB/BS/P&L, Grid Lines, Serial Number. Do note that MITI ONLY doesn't include any features of TallyPack

This miti is much advance than our free version (which was released 15 years ago)! Please submit payment details & by 24 business hours, TallyPack will be emailed.


223 Maitidevi Marg, Kathmandu (Maitidevi Mandir Car Parking)

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We love what we do because we are doing what we love…doing it for the last two decades. We don’t have the attitude of a big IT company so as to ignore you and your needs nor that small for your growing needs……… TRY US!